Your pet birds thrives on your ability to keep them safe, secure, and in a familiar environment. Birds are sensitive to change, so the holidays bring an element of stress for them. This includes the festive décor, people coming and going, and even slight schedule adjustments! However, we put together a few tips for you to have a safe and happy holiday together!


Keeping a stable environment helps birds stay calm during holidays and festivities. If at all possible, place your Christmas tree and other large decorations away from your bird and bird cage. This also includes poinsettias and mistletoe, which are poisonous if ingested by your bird. Additionally, hanging lights and other bright decor disrupts restful sleep. Bird needs at least 10-12 hours of sleep a day! Keep bright decor to a minimum or place them in another room. If neither of these are good options, a cage cover provides a great solution for both of you.


If we had to guess, we’d probably say that your holiday menu isn’t suitable to share with your bird. Unless you only plan on serving bits of fruit, veggies, bits of chicken, or eggs. Be very selective of what you share! Sugars, seasonings, and spices used in cooking your holiday meals are potentially toxic to your bird. Prepare a separate meal with foods you know are safe or stick to a traditional avian blend. Lastly, be very mindful of alcoholic drinks. If your dinner includes eggnog, wine, or other spirits, keep them away so your bird isn’t tempted to take a sip!


Be aware of your ribbons, bows, papers, and tissues. Although these supplies are often used to create bird toys, some inks printed on gifting supplies are toxic to your bird. Ribbons and bows also require supervision around your bird. They may contain staples, or be an unsafe length for your bird to play with. Keeping supplies out of reach prevents an necessary trip to the vet!


Many families and friends gather during the holidays. Even if your bird is accustomed to familiar faces, too many people trigger stress in birds. Keep your bird away from high traffic areas and away from excess noise. Birds are very social, but just make sure to accompany any guests to prevent stress for your bird. They are more likely to accept a visitor if their owner is in sight!

In conclusion, we hope you enjoy the holidays with your bird. We also recommend that you spend  some extra  quality time together! It will bring you closer and grow the bond you already share!

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