If you own ferrets, you know you need an extremely sturdy ferret cage that is hard to escape with lots of playing room. If you are looking at owning ferrets, you will need an extremely sturdy cage that is hard to escape with lots of playing space. Ferrets are escape masters, will bite and chew on everything, and love to play all the time. Getting a cage to accommadate all these qualities will be an important aspect of owning and taking care of your ferret.

Ferret Nation Single Cage or Double Cage with Stand

One of the best ferret cages on the market is the Midwest Ferret Nation cage, which was built specifically for ferrets. The Ferret Nation cage comes as a single cage with stand, a double cage with stand, and an add-on option. This cage has so many features for both you and your ferret, it will easily become everyone’s ferret home of choice. The Ferret Nation cage itself is constructed of 12-gauge wire, vertical bars with bar spacing of 1″, and a sturdy square frame. The platinum gray, hammerton finish is attractive, but, more importantly, it is durable since it is impervious to urine and rust. This easy-to-clean cage also features full width opening doors for complete accessibility, plastic trays that are both durable and able to slide in and out of the cage, one-handed duel locking access, casters that allow mobility AND raise the height of the cage, and a storage shelf area underneath. While all those features are important for ferret owners, the ferrets themselves will enjoy the numerous attaching points for accessories, as well as adjustable shelves for different configurations, a place for food that is far away from the litter box, and swing-up locking ramps. Ferrets need hideaways and toys, which makes the attaching points for accessories important. From tubes to hammocks to crinkle bags, ferrets need plenty of places to explore, play, and cuddle. Finally, these bad boys are hefty, as the single cage weighs 55 lbs, while the double cage weighs 93 lbs.

The single Ferret Nation cage with stand measures 36″ L x 25″ W x 38 1/2″ H. It is perfect for new ferret owners or ferret owners with up to two ferrets.

The double Ferret Nation cage with stand is 36″ L x 25″ W x 63 1/3″ H. It is the perfect cage if you have three or more ferrets in your faimly. One of the benefits of the double cage is the ablility to separate your ferrets with two separate living spaces. If you need to, there is a ramp between the 2nd and 3rd level that can be raised and latched shut. This allows your ferrets to each have their own living space and play areas.

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  • I want this cage. I'm planning to take care of a ferret and i need a cage and this one is good and looks more comfortable to them. Thanks for sharing it.

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