If your family is getting a new pet, there are many good reasons for considering ferrets as pets. Like many pets, ferrets require training, exercise, attention, and care, but you will receive many rewards as you bond with your pet ferret. These furballs will charm their way into your heart before you even know it!

Ferrets as Pets

  1. Ferrets are domesticated. In short, ferrets are domesticated, even though there are debates and misconceptions about that fact. Ferrets were brought to America as pets 300 years ago. They were considered to be domestic animals more than 2,000 years ago. However, do not confuse the domestic ferret with his wild cousin, the black footed ferret.
  2. Ferrets are cute! If you didn’t think ferrets were cute, would you be checking out this list? I didn’t think so. With different color varieties and marking variations, you can find a ferret that you consider the most adorable ferret in the world.
  3. Ferrets have incredibly infectious personalities. Looking for a pet with a great personality but can’t (or don’t want to) get a dog? These playful, charming, curious, intelligent little furballs will charm your socks off. And, run away with your socks before you know they were missing.
  4. Ferret supplies don’t take up a ton of space. Ferrets themselves are pretty small, and they require a big ferret cage, but most of their stuff can stay inside the cage. With a litter box, toys, and food bowls, you don’t need a huge house to have a ferret. However, ferrets do need time outside their cages to roam around and play everyday, which means your home needs to be “ferret proofed” (check for escape routes, exposed wires, and dangerous chewable objects).
  5. A bond with a Ferret is a strong one. While ferrets are not easy to win over, the time and effort you put in to getting a quick cuddle will be worth it. Once you win your ferret over, you’ll get lots of snuggles, kisses, and fun play time.
  6. Ferrets teach you a lot about yourself. If you wonder how much patience you have, how caring you can be, or how much of a sense of humor you have, you’ll find out when you have a ferret as a pet. This is the case with most pets, but you’ll really find out with ferrets.
  7. Each Ferret has a different personality. Along with infectious personalities, all ferrets have unique personalities. Some ferrets are independent, others are very cuddly. With each individual, distinct personality, you will have fun getting to know your pet ferret.
  8. Ferrets have fun nicknames. You don’t have to refer to your ferret as a ferret if you don’t want to. Ferrets are commonly known as fuzzies, furballs, ferts, and carpet sharks. You’ll become part of a group of people that have their own phrases for their pets!
  9. Ferrets sleep a lot, but they also play a lot. If you have a busy schedule, you can stick to your plans without worrying too much about your ferret. Ferrets sleep 20 hours a day, and they do adjust their sleep schedules to when their humans are home. Some time outside the cage is needed for ferrets to play, however, so make sure you are home enough to let your ferret get daily mental and physical stimulation. Take note if you have young kids or other pets: ferrets can play rough, and they like playing hide ‘n seek. It’s best to teach your kids to be gentle with your ferret, and your ferret should respond in kind.
  10. Ferrets don’t stink as much as you may think. If you adopt or buy your pet ferret in North America, most ferrets have already been spayed or neutered and de-scented at a young age. Their reputation of being smelly is not one they deserve. While they do have a musky odor, it is neither strong nor offensive.

If you have a pet ferret, what experiences have you had?

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