Fruit Flies. We as humans are used to these obnoxious little creatures as they swarm rotting fruit, or other items which are in a state of decay usually during the warmer months of the year. This type of fruit fly is not the kind you would ever want to intentionally introduce to your home, no matter how much you love your reptiles and amphibians and want to make sure they are well fed. This is why you would want to use flightless fruit flies, like one of the two types we sell at PetSolutions. Certain reptiles and ambphibians, such as dart frogs, have not only small bodies but also very tiny mouths even when they are adults. It is absolutely crucial to have a steady source of small feeder insects like fruit flies available for them. In addition to small amphibians and lizards, another creature which would love fruit flies as a treat are top feeding aquarium fish such as archers, hatchet fish, bettas and gouramis but also fish which do not specifically feed at the top such as larger tetras.

Not all fruit flies are the same

Drosphila melongaster

These are a smaller fly, which would be ideal for young frogs and froglets. These are flightless fruit flies but they are not completely without the ability to move around, these flies as well as their larger cousins can jump pretty far.

Drosphila hydei

This flightless fruit fly is one which grows slightly larger than the melongaster, it would be appropriate for feeding surface feeding freshwater fish as well as large juvenile or adult dart frogs.

fruit flies
Vials used for fruit fly colonies

About The Author John Flynn

John is the Live Deliveries Manager at Petsolutions, and has 20 years of experience working in the pet care industry specializing in live fish, plants, corals, and reptiles. Outside of PetSolutions, John enjoys photography as well as outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

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