If you are looking to maintain optimal humidity in your reptile terrarium, check out the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400.  This high pressure rainfall system is programmable and generates precipitation at various intervals. This allows you to adjust the duration and frequency of rainfall based on your pets’ needs.

The Monsoon RS400 is easy to set up and can produce rain several times per day. In a 24-hour cycle, you can choose rainfall ranging from one second to two hours. One great feature is its sloping top. The slope in the top quickly fills the large 4 liter (1 gallon) water reservoir for continuous operation. The reservoir usually does not have to be refilled for several days! Nozzles and tubing are included with the Monsoon RS400 system that allow you to produce extremely fine mist. The rainfall system can use up to 6 nozzles (replacement parts sold separately) to extend the system or use with multiple terrariums.

For extra convenience, try the Monsoon Remote Control. It allows you to change cycles or turn the rainfall system on or off from a distance.


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