If you are looking at lizard supplies to buy a new reptile enclosure, look no further than the Exo Terra Terrariums. These glass cages were designed by herptologists to provide the best living space for your reptile.

Exo Terra Terrarium Benefits for Your Reptile

There are numerous benefits for using an Exo Terra habitat with your reptile. First of all, there is ample living space for whatever reptile you choose. With the different size configurations, as well as “tall” and “short” options, there is an Exo Terra terrarium made for any reptile, whether it likes to climb towards the sky or stay closer to the ground. The cages themselves are designed to be well-ventilated, with swing-out front doors and a removable full screen top. The screen top also allows UVB and infared penetration, so your reptile is able to soak up all the extra nutrients he needs. Each terrarium comes with a rock-like background that adds dimension to the cage, as well as a great climbing wall! Finally, a thick layer of substrate can be added to the bottom due to the extra high front window. That section can also be made into an aquatic portion, if your reptile requires it!

Exo Terra Terrarium Benefits for You

While it is great if your reptile is happy, it is also a bonus if you are happy with the reptile enclosure you chose. Exo Terra is the perfect reptile terrarium, since it has great benefits that will keep you happy, as well. These glass cages are designed to be easy to clean and care for. The screen top is made of stainless steel mesh, which cannot be chewed through. In addition, you can hang items from the removable mesh top if you want to decorate more areas of your terrarium. Since the mesh top is removable, it also provides great cleaning access. Other areas of access include the dual front door windows. These front windows of the Exo Terra terrarium swing open independently to give you access, lock with special easy-turning latches to prevent escape attempts, and give you a clear view of your reptile whenever you want. In regards to installing those “extras” that reptiles need to survive, the base of the Exo Terra terrariums have a raised bottom frame, which allows a substrate heater to be mounted externally. The “rock” background is made of black polystyrene to help with insulation inside your terrarium and still look natural within your terrarium if it gets chipped. Behind the background wall and screen cover, there are closable wire and tube inlets that allow you to install heatings rocks, waterfalls, or sensors need to keep your reptile happy.

Now that you have become familiar with the great features Exo Terrariums have to offer, check them out for your resident reptile. With a 4.5/5 star rating from PetSolutions customers, Exo Terra reptile terrariums can’t be beat!

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