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New Reptiles for Sale at PetSolutions: Buy One Today!

We are pretty excited at PetSolutions to announce that new reptiles have just been added to our already large selection. The Live Deliveries Manager, John, has spent quite a bit of time reviewing different reptiles from our supplier and deciding which ones would be the best additions to the reptiles already offered. After John made his choice, he and the PetSolutions photographer spent an afternoon photographing the new additions for the PetSolutions website. These new guys are now for sale in the Live Reptiles section of PetSolutions. They include some new types of Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons, Tarantulas, Crabs, and a Brown Anole and a Water Dragon.

Here are some of the newest reptiles that PetSolutions now offers:

Aptor Leopard GeckoPastel Ball Python

Skeleton Tarantula Halloween Crab

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