While most of the beauty of the pond is found in the colorful goldfish and koi, the use of the proper pond decorations can really accent the look and aesthetics of the pond. With formal-style ponds, the use of pond spitters can add a bit of whimsy along the edge of the pond and also provide aeration and water movement for the fish. Add a submersed or external lighting system to highlight the spitter and you can create a unique focal point.

The use of ornamental or submersed fountains can provide the sound of water movement and aerate the water at the same time. Place a submerged colored lens light to add a touch of color at dawn and dusk or to accent a fountain. When koi prevent the use of real pond plants, you can use the ornamental plants to hide filter equipment and provide cover for the fish.

Natural ponds will have plant and waterfall features to soften the edges and provide aesthetics. You can still use ornamental floating or bog-style plants to accent a feature or hide pond filters. Fountains and animal spitters can also add accents and provide soothing water movement sounds, and add aeration and cooling for the fish. The addition of a deer scarer can provide protection from wild predators and add a unique water garden feature reminiscent of Oriental koi ponds.

If you are having problems with pests, such as Blue Herons, you can use decoys to help discourage the problem animals from visiting your outdoor oasis. Heron decoys are great for discouraging a live Heron from swooping down and gobbling up your fish. Other pests deterrents include a “scarecrow” that spits water, defense owls, or koi kastles.

You can also use free-standing fountain and waterfall ornaments around the edge of the pond to extend the area of the pond. These can also be used without a pond as an accent in a garden or backyard.

Pond ornaments can provide benefits to the fish and enhance the appearance of any water garden or ornamental koi pond.

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