Ponds are an attractive decorative piece for many homeowners. They add a calming element to any environment and can even be therapeutic  when properly maintained. The Spring is great time to condition the water and promote the well-being of your pond fish. We have several pond and fish experts here at PetSolutions and have come up with helpful tips for you to prep your pond!

Tips for Springtime conditioning:

If you’re filling up for the first time (or refilling), you’ll need something to help eliminate chlorine or chloramines. We recommend Stress Coat , which will also remove heavy metals while replacing the natural slime coating that fish lose during times of stress. Complete Water Conditioner and Vanish Dechlorinator are also great options that help protect fish from excess ammonia waste. Additionally, this would also be a good time to add some  salt to provide the correct electrolyte balance in the water.

It is important to establish a good bio filter to eliminate the fish waste. As the Spring approaches, use Microbe-Lift Spring/Summer, PondZyme Plus, or EcoFix to help establish colonies of these beneficial bacteria. These products can also help break down any sludge buildup and precipitate small floating particles to clear the water.

Placing AlgaeFix in the water can help you get a jump start on algae control. You could also add some of the barley straw bales to the water to prevent stingy hair algae from developing. Check your UV clarifier to make sure the bulb is good condition in need of replacement to prevent floating algae. Finally, this is also a good time to use products that stimulate the growth of your lilies and bog plants. You can use a liquid fertilizer/trace element treatment like Plant Food Stimulant, and for potted plants, specialized planting media or fertilizer pond spikes. For new plants we offer the planting bags and aqua planters in several sizes to accommodate any type of plants.

Spring can be stressful to your pond fish. Pond AmQuel can help protect from ammonia but in the case of disease or parasites, you’ll want to have the proper medications on hand.  Pond Mela Fix and Pond Pima Fix are general antibacterial treatments that will not disrupt the biofilter. They are natural products that will gradually break down and work against open, septicemia, and fin and tail rot. Pond Rid Ich+ is a good choice for most external parasites as temperature fluctuations can lead to parasite problems.

Planning and preparation at the beginning of the season can make your pond experience more rewarding. Follow these steps to help maintain the health and growth of your pond fish and plants!

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