The warmer weather in most parts of the country has resulted in an earlier than normal start to the spring pond season, in those areas where there is a pond season. Hobbyists are tired of being cooped up inside all the time and want to get out in their yards and work on their ponds and the landscaping. Ideally, we did our best to clean out the pond at the end of the last season, but there will probably still be some muck and dead leaves in the pond. Adding biological products, like EcoFix or Muck Defense, will help establish colonies of specialized bacteria that will digest this type of material and eliminate it from the pond. If there are still algae clinging to the rocks or sides of the pond, you can use products like Oxy-Lift Defense or Micro-Lift Green Clean to clean the rocks by pouring the dry granules on the algae to literally oxidize the algae off the rocks.

This would also be the time to pull out the lily pots and either re-pot with new media or divide the rhizome and give the lilies more room to grow. You should also add some fertilizer to the pots, either Lily Gro or Fertilizer Pond Spikes. If this is your second year with your lilies, be ready to be surprised by how many more pads and blooms you get this year versus the previous season. Starting with three to four lilies can quickly grow to cover the entire pond after 2 or 3 seasons! When planting your marginal plants, be sure to add some new media and fertilizer to the container, but first scrub off any algae clinging to the pot. If you are replanting a lot of plants at the start of the season, you should add some of the liquid Plant Food Stimulant to provide needed trace elements.

Once all the plants are in place, it is time to fire up the pumps and filter system. Double check your submersible pumps to make sure the impeller systems are clean and free to rotate. Inspect all hoses to avoid cracks, leaks or clogs, and replace as needed. The filter media should already be clean from your fall teardown, and, once it is in place, you can fire up the water pumps and start the filters. You will want to add one of the water conditioners if you have to add fresh water from the tap. You should also add  biological conditioners to start the nitrifying bacterial colonies with products like Bio-Boost or Microbe-Lift PL.

Now that you have completed all the start up maintenance for your pond, it is time to start digging your second pond!

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