Recently, we wrote of the scourge of the pond known as algae. One of our treatments in the forefront of the battle to control algae is the very popular AlgaeFix from Pondcare Labs. This product was produced to kill nuisance algae while still being safe for any fish, plants or wildlife that might come into contact with the product. AlgaeFix is effective against green water algae blooms and filamentous algae. As an effective treatment, there are a couple of steps you need to follow to avoid problems. You do not want to use AlgaeFix as a preventative, only use when algae are present. It is still best to remove as much of the filamentous algae as possible, but you do not want to use AlgaeFix when no algae are present. AlgaeFix works by attacking the cellular membranes of the algae and disrupting them, leading to death and failure to multiply. But, when no algae are present, it may start to attack the gill membranes of the fish! It quite honestly works by the simple mathematics that there are thousands of algae cells for every fish, and, statistically, the AlgaeFix will mostly be bound up with the algae. This is why; however, they recommend only using it with plenty of water movement to ensure maximum oxygen saturation of the water.

When algae are present, PondCare AlgaeFix is safe to use every three days until the algae appears to be under control. Be aware that unless your filter system has enough circulation to filter out all the dead algae, most of it will settle to the bottom of the pond and essentially act as fertilizer for the next generation of algae! The use of the biological sludge removers can greatly reduce this build-up and also help control the algae growth. Adding one of the barley bale products can greatly reduce the new growth of the filamentous algae. As part of your anti-algae arsenal, AlgaeFix can play a major role in your control of algae.

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