Given the scale of most ponds, the aquascaping is usually more of setting up focal points to draw in the eye and emphasize a particular feature. For those with a natural water garden, most of the work is done by arrangement of the bog plants in groupings around the pond perimeter and maybe a waterfall/stream set-up with various sized rocks.  Floating plant baskets made from mesh or even barley straw can allow placement of irises or papyrus in areas of the pond where you would usually not find them, perhaps creating an “island” of plants without the actual island. The streambed can be made with small to medium sized rocks and a foam sealant to help waterproof the set up and provide a better stream effect where you want it.

To bring an extra element of design to a waterfall, you can place one of the submersible pond lights behind the waterfall. Turned on at dusk, the effect is a wall of shimmering color. You can also achieve this result by placing a pond light under the outlet of a fountain, especially one of the bell fountain heads. The underwater spot lights can also be used to provide a glow under the water at the edge of a rock outcropping or base of a waterfall. You can use low voltage perimeter lights to add shape and accents to the planting around the pond. If predator birds are a problem for your fish, you can  stake out among the plants one of the fake Blue Herons or Defense Owl to discourage them.

For those with Koi and no live plants, artificial decorations, like floating artificial water lilies, can add some color (and shade for the fish) or even add a floating light with the lily blossom. You can also choose from floating Frogbit or Mosaic Cluster to provide a pleasing visual and shade for the fish. If you need to hide equipment (aerator, UV clarifier, etc) you can use one of the Tru-Rock Cover stones to look like a natural rock around the boarder of the pond. Add a pot of artificial Papyrus near the edge of the pond for additional plant cover. The edge of the pond is also a great place to grow hostas to soften the edge and maybe add a trellis with vines or hanging baskets to block the early/late sun. Placing the pond near a deck can add lots of opportunities for easy viewing and if you are industrious enough, you could build an arched bridge over the pond for a look down view. If your pond is not near a deck or you do not have a deck, now you have an excuse to build one to relax on near the pond! Fountain spitters and waterwheels can be placed along the edge to provide a bit of whimsy and both water movement and aeration.

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