Patience and proper acclimation are essential. Please read and understand all steps before beginning.

The following steps must be followed as a condition of the PetSolutions Fourteen Day Guarantee.

STEP 1 Soil selection will have a strong influence on success of your water garden plants. It is important to avoid fertilized potting soil mixtures that are designed for use with house plants. The added nutrients will be released into the pond water and fuel algae blooms. An ideal planting soil should be approximately 75% or more clay and relatively free of compost. Some plants will require additional fertilization, such products are available that are designed for use in the aquatic environment.

STEP 2 Planting baskets are recommended for your new plants. They serve many functions in the water garden. The plant can be easily moved between areas without much effort. Secondly, fertilizers can be targeted to a specific plant that you want to feed. The basket also limits the spread of the root structure, keeping the plants growth more in your control. A thin layer of pea gravel over the top of the baskets also assists with limiting soil escape. The gravel helps to prevent fish from disturbing the roots. The soil in the planting basket should be heavily watered before placement into the pond to prevent floating when submersed.

STEP 3 Planting depth is very important for the success of your new pond plants. Because each pond plant is different, the space to go into detail about each plant here is not available. In general, many plants like to start at a shallow depth and gradually be lowered as the foliage increases in length. Bricks can be stacked under the basket to provide a base. This effectively moves the plant closer to the surface. Remove a few bricks at a time to slowly lower the plants towards their final position.

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