If on is shopping for a new home, which is already built, there are some features which may be installed that are not be something a new buyer wants. Does a pond increase home property value, or will it actually make a home less attractive to potential buyers?

A List of Positives

  1. A Pond can be a beautiful attraction for those who enjoy entertaining outdoors. It can be a conversation starter, as well as helping to invite guests further into the yard to break up areas of tight group congestion.
  2. The peaceful gurgling of moving water in a pond, from either water falls or water fountains can be extremely relaxing during times of private reflection after a long day of work.
  3. A pond, when properly set up, can be used as a source of emergency water storage or it can be used as a partial rain catchment. This can be a  source of water for vegetable gardens or ornamental flowers.
  4. A pond in the yard can be an incredible resource for education for kids. A parent can take advantage of the plants, insects, amphibians, birds, and fish which often all live together in and around the pond to teach kids lessons in science.
  5. Those with a green thumb will enjoy having an entirely new canvas to paint with. Aquatic and bog plants offer beautiful flowering views of a type which cannot be found in plants which grow only in soil.

Possible Down Sides

  1. “A pond will require more maintenance.” While it is true that a pond can require a little extra care, if they are designed and planed properly the work needed is actually quite minimal. If a home seller has a pond maintenance provider who keeps the pond running smoothly every season, it will benefit the seller to provide that information to potential buyers. This lets the buyer know that help is available if needed.
  2. “I don’t have anyone to feed my fish when I go out of town.” The solution for this one is easy. A new home owner who inherits a pond with their home can either keep a pond with no fish in it at all, or they can purchase a fairly inexpensive automated pond fish feeder at PetSolutions. A fish feeder can take care of feeding a pond at regular intervals for up to several weeks without any human interaction.
  3. “The pond will leak.” Pond liners are made of materials which are guaranteed for decades, and meant to last a lifetime. They are extremely heavy duty, and when installed properly the chances for a leak developing are very small. Even a new home owner would have a dog which likes to take a splash on occasion, the liner should hold up just fine.
  4. “It will be way to expensive to run.” With the energy efficient pond pumps and LED pond lights which are manufactured today, energy use is very low.
  5. “I’m stuck with it forever even if I don’t want it.” Not true. At the end of the day, a pond is a hole in the ground filled with water and a pond liner. When the water is drained and the liner is removed, it can be filled in quickly and easily with fill dirt and some topsoil on top.


About The Author John Flynn

John is the Live Deliveries Manager at Petsolutions, and has 20 years of experience working in the pet care industry specializing in live fish, plants, corals, and reptiles. Outside of PetSolutions, John enjoys photography as well as outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

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