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Pond UV Applications: "Green Water" Algae Control

As we enter the height of new pond set ups and maintenance on older ponds, the subject of algae control via the use of a UV sterilizer/clarifier always comes up.  The simple truth is that the proper application of a UV sterilizer can eliminate free floating, “green water” type algae.

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Pond Fever

Most of the US has suffered through a brutal and long winter (it is snowing outside my window today!), and, as soon as we got a few nice sunny days in the mid 50-60’s, everyone started to get spring fever. For those of us with ponds, we get the more specialized pond fever. You really have to be careful with pond fever, because if you start treating the symptoms too soon, the pond will only suffer. You have to wait until the fever has broken and the temperatures are staying in the 60’s to 70’s.

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Help Your Pond Cycle for the New Season

When Spring comes and it's time to turn on all your pond equipment again, your pond has to go through a cycle before the water will be completely safe for your fish. This cycle is similar to the one that your pond went through when you first installed it.

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Trapdoor Snails, the Pond’s Cleaner

Pondkeepers in search of help in controlling algae growth on the bottom, sides and rocks in the pond will be glad to hear that the Japanese Trapdoor snail ( Viviparis malleatus) just might be the answer.

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PondCare AlgaeFix: Control Your Pond Algae

Recently, we wrote of the scourge of the pond known as algae. One of our treatments in the forefront of the battle to control algae is the very popular AlgaeFix from Pondcare Labs. This product was produced to kill nuisance algae while still being safe for any fish, plants or wildlife that might come into contact with the product.

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