Longhorn Cowfish, Lactoria cornuta, are unique fish when kept in an aquarium, requiring specialized care. This fish must be kept with peaceful aquarium mates that will not cause stress. When this fish is in duress (or upon expiration), it can emit toxins that may harm aquarium mates.

A large aquarium with relatively slow moving water current is the best suggestion for keeping this fish. For the aquarist willing to give time for the correct care and a willingness to furnish a proper environment, keeping a Longhorn Cowfish can be a rewarding experience.

About The Author John Flynn

John is the Live Deliveries Manager at Petsolutions, and has 20 years of experience working in the pet care industry specializing in live fish, plants, corals, and reptiles. Outside of PetSolutions, John enjoys photography as well as outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

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