GloFish® has bred a select group of fish to fluoresce under black lights but also look like they are glowing to some extent under regular daylight bulbs or actinic bulbs. This select group of fish are bred with this fluorescent color, and they reproduce naturally, rather than being injected or dyed. Typically, GloFish® uses Zebra Danios, and they have come out with some interestingly named (and colored) fish, like Galatic Purple or Cosmic Blue. However, GloFish® recently bred an Electric Green Tetra to add to their list of fluorescent fish.

The GloFish® Electric Green Tetra, scientific name Gymnocorymbus ternetzi, is a variation of the White Skirt Tetra. A certain gene from the White Skirts was cultivated during selective breeding in order to produce the Electric Green color in the fluorescent Tetra. The Electric Green Tetra is one of othe hardier Tetras, and it is a peaceful omnivore that prefers to school. The native Region for this type of Tetra is South America, but the GloFish ® Electric Green Tetra does not appear in the wild. If you decide to add this fish to your aquarium, make sure there is some swimming space, as well as some cover along the perimeter of the aquarium. It is not hard to order groups of at least three Electric Green Tetras, as they are approximately 2 – 3 inches long when full grown. In regards to water conditions, the Electric Greens prefer a softer, acidic water, but most adapt well to a wide range of water condition parameters.

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