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Starting with a Discus Tank for the First Time

Discus are one of the most beautiful fish in the freshwater aquarium hobby today, but they are also the one fish that aquarium keepers are hesitant to begin keeping at home. There are countless debates among Discus enthusiasts as to how to keep and care for Discus, but usually it comes down to what works best for each person.

There are several basic guidelines to follow in setting up a tank intended for Discus, and these basic guidelines are fairly universal, regardless of what opinions are on RO vs. Tap water, how much light, live or artificial plants, and what kind of food is best to feed.

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Great Expectations: Freshwater Fish Clean-Up Crews

Clean-up crews are a great addition to any aquarium and will help promote better water quality for all of the fish/plants in the aquarium.

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It Is All in a Name: Interpretting Fish Names

In my last blog, I discussed the frustration new hobbyists can feel when they cannot get a definitive answer to what seems to be a simple question. There are usually many ways to accomplish the desired goal and help maintain the aquarium. This can make things a bit confusing to the novice. Then, we complicate the whole issue even more with the “common” names given to the fish for sale.

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A Paradise in Blue (Acara)

If you are looking for a smaller, colorful fish to grow and spawn, I have the perfect fish for you: the Blue Acara. This is a Central-South American cichlid that for a long time was known as the Aequidens pulcher but was recently moved to a different classification, Andinoacara pulcher.

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Getting Better Every Day: The Cost of Aquarium Fish

As you can see, the prices for the fish themselves have significantly dropped with the production from fish farms in Florida and S.E. Asia. One other factor that lead to lower pricing and a lot better variety and survivability for wild caught fish was the invention of the plastic bag.

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