One of the fastest growing segments of the aquarium hobby is the advancement of LED lighting. Marineland has managed to develop a LED light fixture for nearly every application. LED’s offer many advantages over traditional fluorescent or metal halide bulbs. The LED will produce more light per watt (up to 25% more) and also presents a more focused light. All of the light produced is directed towards the aquarium, rather than bouncing around in the light fixture. The increased efficiency of the LED allows for lower watt fixtures and less heat production versus older lighting options. Additionally, the effective lifespan of the LED (up to 10-50,000 hours) will hold up longer than the standard 6-12 months. For the cost of replacement bulbs, you’d actually end up saving by switching to an LED fixture.

What you should know:

Marineland has built both accent type LED lighting and LED fixtures. For accent and supplemental lighting, they have the Accent LED light. You can get them in two colors and they clamp on the tank trim.  The Hidden LED is a 50:50 white: blue fixture that’s waterproof and can be submersed in the aquarium. Marineland also offers the LED Aquarium Hood. It is great for aquariums 10 to 29 gallons and covers the top of the tank with a plastic hood and center LED light system. It contains multiple small LEDs for a low watt hood for a fish only tank. They use the same LEDs in their Single Bright LED fixture, and offer sizes from 18”L to 48”L. It comes with a toggle switch with three settings. You can turn on the blue LEDS for a moonlight effect,  turn on all the LEDs, or turn them all off.

For more intense lighting, Marineland offers the Double Bright LED light, using a mix of white and blue 1W LEDs.   This has quickly become their most popular fish only lighting system. For mini-reef tanks, they offer the Marineland Reef Capable LED light with a mix of white and blue (actinic) 1W LEDs.  This provides the correct spectrum and high enough intensity for soft corals and LPS corals. Additionally, it includes a built in timer to turn on the blue LEDs, all the LEDs, or turn off the fixture.  Marineland‘s latest entry is the Aquatic Plant LED. A mixture of white and the new RGB (Red/Blue/Green) LEDs provide the intensity and spectrum for freshwater plants. This fixture also contains a built in timer system.

Much like computers, LED systems are always evolving and becoming brighter and more economical. Marineland is sure to stay at the top of the industry and offer LED solutions for any application. Did I mention the LED Bubblewands?

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