I had a chance today to see the new Marineland Aquatic Plant LED light for the first time. I do not mean to tease, but these are worth the effort and are now in stock.

Available in four sizes with the light fixture from 18”-48” (leg extensions allow it them to fit from 18”-60” aquariums), these fixtures are designed to provide the proper spectrum and intensity for a planted freshwater tank. The manufacturer provides PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) and LUX ratings for each fixture at 12” and 24” depths. To achieve the proper spectrum, there are several 1 W 6500K white LED’s and a few  3 W RBG LED’s with a special dispersion lens to spread the mixed Red/Blue/Green light throughout the aquarium. The end result is a very pleasing, crisp white spectrum that accents the colors of the fish and the plants. The light has a single power cord and transformer, but it also has a built in timer to allow you to set different photoperiods for the 6500K and RBG LED’s. The sleek design is attractive and will become warm to the touch as it radiates the heat away from the aquarium. Check out the Marineland Aquatic Plant LED light at PetSolutions today to try out this much anticipated plant LED fixture!

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