If you are interested in some of the new aquarium products that PetSolutions just picked up, I have written a few highlights about these products.

CPR In-Tank Refugium

While the CPR In-Tank Refugium is not a completely new item, CPR has made several modifications to this item. The Clamp system is much more robust to attach the refugium to the back trim of the aquarium and is now opaque, along with the back panel of the refugium to better hide the unit along the back of the aquarium. Included in the design is a small Rio Powerhead to produce a steady current into and through the refugium to keep the water fresh and oxygenated. Available in two sizes (7 3/4″ x 4″ x 7 1/2″ and 12″ x 6″ x 8″), the CPR Refugium can be used as a temporary hospital facility to house wounded fish or corals in the aquarium water but protect them from further injury by isolating them from the other tank inhabitants. It could also be used to help acclimate new arrivals to the new water conditions and make sure they are eating well before releasing them to the main display area. By adding a thin layer of sand, some rubble Live Rock and macro algae to the container, you can create a small refugium area to grow microplankton for feeding the filter feeders of the reef and use the algae to help control the nitrate and phosphate levels in the tank. You can also either harvest the algae or use it to feed herbivores in the system.

Hydor Smart Level Control

The Hydor Smart Level Control is a newer all electronic design controller that replaces float controllers and can be used to top off the water level lost by evaporation in a sump or aquarium. The control switch eliminates problems associated with lime scale and bacterial build up on the probe. This unit will power water pumps up to 50W, though you usually want to use a pump that fills the lost volume in about 10 minutes.

IV Dosing Pump

The IV Dosing Pump control unit comes with two channels for dosing, as well as the timer and programming system. You can use one of the slave units to add three more dosing channels, and up to two expansion slaves can be attached to the control unit for a total of 8 dosing channels. The rate of dosing can be from 1ml to 1999ml per day, and the dosing can be broken up into 24 separate dosing events. The simple to use programming allows you to set the time (uses military 24 hour time) and then program each pump channel with the total dose amount and the number of partial doses per day.

Aquatop Large Artificial Aquarium Plants

Aquatop Large Artificial Aquarium Plants answer the demand for larger plastic plants, ranging from 24″ to 26” tall with a very bushy structure to provide hiding places for the fish and help break up the “line of sight” in the aquarium. They also make an excellent way to hide submersible heaters and filter intake hoses. Choose from a variety textures, leaf sizes, and colors, from light green to pink-and-green to dark green. Mix and match to get the look you want.

Brightwell Aquatics Water Treatments

We now offer a near complete line of Brightwell Water Treatments from Brightwell Aquatics, including their reef supplements, liquid iron solution, zooplankton and phytoplankton foods. Available in either powdered or liquid forms.

Little Giant Aquarium Series Magnetic Drive Pumps

Back by popular demand, the Little Giant Aquarium Series Magnetic Drive Pumps external water pumps offer dependable performance. These magnetic drive pumps are available in two styles: the MDQ series for systems where there is back pressure (use of canister filters) or the MDQX series that are best to use in free flow water return systems from sumps or as an external circulation system

Marineland LED Light Systems

Marineland LED Light Systems have all been updated with new generation LED’s to provide higher output and broader spectrum for the aquarium. The Reef LED replaced the “reef capable” series, the Advanced LED system replaced the “double bright” series and the LED Strip Lights replace the “single bright” series.

Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED

The Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LEDs are new lights that offer two channel lighting, the daylight and moonlight, with the option to adjust the light spectrum with a remote controller to adjust the output of the RGB LEDs. This combination can be used for freshwater planted tanks, African Cichlid tanks and marine reef aquariums. The remote controller can set the on /off times and has a slow ramp up/ramp down lighting cycle.

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