There are many hang-on power filters you can use in your aquarium. However, it is not always easy to tell which size or type of filter is the to maintain proper aquarium care.  Luckily, there you can figure out which hang-on filters are the best to use in your aquarium tanks.

Item #MfrFilter NameFlow RateTank Size Width Needed Along AquariumClearance Needed Behind AquariumTube Length Down into AquariumAble to Adjust Flow Rate
10201921AquaTopPF15-UV64 gphto 15 gal5″ x 5.5″ x 7″X
10201922AquaTopPF25-UV90 gphto 25 gal6.5″ x 6″ x 11″X
10201923AquaTopPF40-UV128 gphto 40 gal8.5″ x 6.5″ x 11″X
15906080AqueonAqueon 10100 gphto 10 gal3 1/2″
15906081AqueonAqueon 20125 gphto 20 gal4″
15906082AqueonAqueon 30200 gphto 30 gal4 1/2″
15906079AqueonAqueon 55/75400 gphto 90 gal7 3/4″
25001031DannerSkilter 250250 gph10-55 gal8 3/4″4 ½”6″/9″
25001033DannerSkilter 400400 gphto 100 gal14 3/4″4 ½”6″/10″
15510595HagenAquaClear 20100 gphto 20 gal5″2¾”6″X
15510600HagenAquaClear 30150 gphto 30 gal6″2¾”6″X
15510610HagenAquaClear 50200 gphto 50 gal7″2¾”7″/10″X
15510615HagenAquaClear 70300 gphto 70 gal8 ½”3 7/8″6″/10 1/2″X
15510620HagenAquaClear 110500 gphto 110 gal13 1/2″4″6″/10 1/2″
15514001HagenFluval C2119 gph10-30 gal6” x 4 1/2” x 6 1/2”2 3/4″
15514002HagenFluval C3153 gph20-50 gal7 ¼” x 5” x 6 1/2”2 3/4″
15514003HagenFluval C4264 gph40-70 gal8 1/2” x 6 1/2” x 8 1/2”3 3/4″
47490039MarinelandEmperor 280280 gphto 55 gal9 1/2″4¼”7″/16 3/4″
47464002MarinelandEmperor 400400 gphto 70 gal16″4¼”7″/19 1/2″
47450360MarinelandPenguin 100B100 gphto 20 gal5″3″4 1/2″/8 1/2″
47450361MarinelandPenguin 150B155 gphto 30 gal5 1/2″2¾”7″
47450362MarinelandPenguin 200B200 gphto 50 gal9 1/4″3″9″
47450363MarinelandPenguin 350B350 gphto 75 gal15″3 1/2″7 1/2″/19″
30101552Penn PlaxCascade 8080 gphto 10 gal5 1/2”3”6”X
30101494Penn PlaxCascade 100100 gphTo 20 gal6”3”7”X
30101553Penn PlaxCascade 150150 gphTo 32 gal71/2”3”7”X
30101554Penn PlaxCascade 200200 gphTo 50 gal71/2”31/4”7”X
30101555Penn PlaxCascade 300300 gphTo 100 gal11”31/4”8”X
46725772TetraWhisper 20105 gphto 20gal7 1/2”2 ½”7”
46725773TetraWhisper 30150 gphto 30 gal8”3”7”
46725774TetraWhisper 40200 gphto 40 gal8”3”7”
46725775TetraWhisper 60330 gphto 60 gal13 1/2”3”10”

Whether you have a saltwater aquarium, freshwater tank, an aquarium for freshwater plants, or even a mini-reef aquarium, your live fish will be very happy with the proper hang-on filter you provide for their tank.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2010 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  • It would be more helpful if you compared the filters by how well they work, longevity, cost and availability of media, and noise. I have used Hagen AquaClear 70’s for years, and they filter well,
    but I just can’t stand the noise any longer. I want to try another brand.

  • Hi Hank

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the factors you list in regards to comparison are extremely subjective. Depending on how someone uses a filter, what someone considers “loud” or not, and even the cost can vary or change. Because of the subjective nature, we won’t be able to add those categories.

    I was hoping to suggest an alternative hang-on power filter for you, but our Live Deliveries Manager, John, said the AquaClear 70 is no louder than any other hang-on filters on the market. If the water level is appropriate in your aquarium, the filter will barely make any sound. If your water level is low, then the filter will cause splashes. A completely different route to go would be a canister filter. These make almost no noise whatsoever, as they are located under the stand and the intake/outlet are well beneath the surface of the water. We have 2 of the largest and highest water flow canister filters on our company 265 gallon aquarium, and there is no noise while each of the filters are pumping about 600 – 700 gallons per hour.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

    Thanks –

  • The noise problem has bothered me for a while. I have used many different hang on filters. I now use the Fluval C4. It is very quiet. The quietest one I’ve used is the Aqueon Quiet Flow. They make almost no noise. I now have one on my 10gal. Planted Shrimp tank in my bedroom. The worse I’ve used is the Marineland Penguin. The impeller makes a lot of noise.

  • i have a 49 bow tank and a 30gal long tank,i”ve had them for years and i have the aqua clear 110 and the aqua 70 on the ,2 tanks and i love them!yes some times they make a little noise ,exspeacail when the water may be down 2in .however i have a muscal deises so i some times miss a water change and because the filters are so good ,my water and fish and yes plants are healthy! i have 1 oscar and 3 blood parrots and a plecostomus in 1 tank of course the biggest 1 and the fish are about the size of my fist and pleco is about 11 inch and the other tank has african cichlids abot 8 and there pretty big and colorful! so i love my filters and i put an extra air pump in there to !so way to go! i do have a question i have a guardian 300 watt sub. water heater and it has some rust build up and doesnt keep the tank as warm as it should ,does anyone know how to contact the co so i can get it replaced ,cause it say lifetime warranty and i’ve had it about 2 years? thanks

  • I am not familiar with the guardian heater, as it is not a product we sell. I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the product to see about making a claim on their warranty.

  • […] Here is a chart on how much room different HOB filters need. Wow, my googlefu is strong tonight!…power-filters/ __________________ […]

  • A chart including what filters have a flow control would be great. I won't buy unless I can turn down return for feeding.

  • Great suggestion, Brian! I'll get the table updated as soon as our Fish Tech indicates which filters have that feature.

    Thanks –

  • Hallo
    It would be nice if this charts had a column with the "max inches rim/edge" that these HOB could hang on …..

    kind regards Rikke

  • i am trying to find a filter to work with my SunSun CUV-303 UV filter tube…it worked great with a small power head built into the hood of my small but tall hex tank (15 litres)… Now I have a 14″/36cm cube tank, the little Aqua One filter I bought is not strong enough to pull water through the extra UV section, it won’t prime/ start up.
    I need to know the internal and external diameter at the base of the U-tube intake into the filter on the AquaClear 20, which I am looking at to replace the inefficient AquaOne…could someone who has one, measure it for me? It’s very difficult to match up the two devices…the UV tube that fits into a filter is 15.5mm internal diameter internally and 16.5 mm diameter internally, walls a 0.5mm thickness, as best I can measure them. There are adapters for bigger filter inlet tube connectors, but not smaller ones…I can jury-rig a bit with a bit of clear plastic hose, but only as much as it will stretch when heated, which is maybe 2 mm…
    Thank you so much for any measurements and suggestions 🙂

  • Oops, that was 15.5mm internally and 16.5mm externally….

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