I recently had a chance to check out and test drive one of the new Edge LED light systems. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to program the light cycles and the ruggedness of its build. This LED light has a very low profile and comes with aquarium frame mounts that can be adjusted for various thicknesses of different aquarium manufacturers. Built into the light is a simple digital timer that has 3 channel control. You can set the timer for the on/off of Channel 1 (a mix of daylight and RGB LEDs), Channel 2 (additional all daylight LEDs), and Channel 3, the moonlight cycle LEDs. Additionally, you can program a dawn/dusk effect that will vary the output intensity of the LEDs over a 10 minute to two hour period!

The EDGE lights are available in a 24”L, 30W light; a 36”L, 48W light; and a 48”L, 71W light. These ratings put the Edge near the top of the total output available for hobbyists today. They do not have the adjustable color temperature or specialized weather effects of some of the other brands, but if you look at a cost per Watt of LED output, the Edge is one of the best deals on the market.

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