I recently had an opportunity to look at and test out one of the new Elive Single Track LED fixtures, and they offer several unique features. The single track units come with 3 to 10 specialized PODs, each with 4 LEDs. The PODs are a mix of Cool White (10K) daylight and Lunar Blue LEDs. Where these fixtures are unique is that you can rearrange the order and position of the PODs to customize your lighting, or even add more PODs for higher intensities. Each POD unit is approximately 1 3/8”, wide so the 48”L fixture that comes with 10 PODs can have up to a total of 31 PODs! The PODs come in nine different styles to offer applications for freshwater planted tanks, fish only, or mini-reef aquariums. Each POD is rated at 1W of output, and the individual types also list the lumen output, though this can be misleading since blue and infra-red light does not register well on meters that measure lumens. The light is controlled with a toggle style switch: position one turns on all the PODs, position two turns on just the Lunar Blue PODs, and position three turns off all PODs. Unfortunately, this means that if you wish to use a timer with these fixtures, you would have to leave the light in position one for all PODs to come on and go off as set by the timer. One nice feature they offer for nighttime illumination is a sliding dimmer control for the Lunar Blue PODs that can take the intensity down from full on to almost off. (I have to admit when I first turned on the fixture, I did not realize I had the dimmer at minimum output and thought that the Lunar Blue LEDs were not working properly!!)

The manufacturer also offers a dual track fixture that will allow for the much higher output required for LPS corals, deeper tanks, and some soft corals. The basic design has a strip of fixed Cool White (10K) LEDs between the two tracks of PODs, with toggle switches for each track of PODs, and a centralized dimmer for the Lunar Blue PODs. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on these to arrive, so I have not had a chance to “play” with any of these. The 48”L unit can hold up to a total of 64 PODs and comes with 48 fixed Cool White LEDs for the most light demanding aquariums.

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