Well, the plants have been in my aquarium for 14 days now, so I thought I would post an update with two photos to document the progress so far. Day 7 is the top photo, and Day 14 is the bottom photo.

So far, at the 14 day mark everything is going well with the tank setup and specifically with the lighting. The Marineland Plant LED System has been reliable and is running well with no signs of overheating, and the built in timer works exactly as it should. There is still quite a bit of tannic acid tinting the water a brown color, but over time that will clear up. You can see in the second photo that the ground cover plants are starting to spread out a little, and they are not growing vertically but horizontally. That is a good sign that the plants are getting enough light.

The Fluval CO2 88g system I’m using has been working very well so far, I have been running it at about 2 bubbles per second or slightly under that. The control valve on the unit is very precise and it really allows me to dial in the exact pace of CO2 I want. So far I have been operating the unit manually, turning it on every evening when I get home and turning it off around midnight, so the aquarium is getting about 6 or 7 hours of CO2 on week days and it gets about 8 hours on weekends.

About The Author John Flynn

John is the Live Deliveries Manager at Petsolutions, and has 20 years of experience working in the pet care industry specializing in live fish, plants, corals, and reptiles. Outside of PetSolutions, John enjoys photography as well as outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

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