If you ever wondered what your fish thought, or if you think you can interpret what your fish are trying to tell you, this Top 10 list about aquarium fish is for you!

  1. “I really like steak, but not for every meal!”   All fish would appreciate a little variety in the types of fish foods you offer. Some ideas include mixing flakes/pellets with some frozen foods or maybe freeze dried food. Adding vitamin products like VitaChem or fresh veggies can help provide any missing trace elements.
  2. “I think this “all-you-can-eat” diet is ruining my figure and threatening my environment.” There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. All the food you put in the aquarium should be gone in a matter of minutes, and the fish should be cleaning up the crumbs. If there are any pieces of food left in the water after a few minutes, it can ruin your water quality, which hurts your fish.
  3. “We need to upgrade our living space. It is getting too crowded!” As the fish grow and you add more types of fish to your aquarium, they eventually start to run out of room to be comfortable. You could live in your closet, but I am sure you prefer having a living room! Upgrading to a larger aquarium system will give your fish room to live and allow you to add more fish without crowding the original inhabitants.
  4. “I like what you have done with the new space; now it feels like a home.” Fish will just behave more naturally if we set up the aquarium to at least mimic their natural habitat. Some need lots of hiding places, others more open space to swim. Do a little research into your fish to see which they would prefer.
  5. “You are messing with my fung shui!” (This is usually a Cichlid thing.) Your fish moved all the gravel over to one side for a reason, why do you keep spreading it back out? This can be a real battle of wills!
  6. “I like watching Mixed Martial Arts fights as much as the next guy, but I prefer to just watch, not participate! Besides, that Oscar is way out of my weight class!!” This is another case where a little research before buying a fish would be a good thing. (I just realized this might be one of those things where you cannot have too much of a good thing!) Learning which fish will have the right temperament for other tank inhabitants can save a lot of grief later.
  7. “I need witness protection. I made a play for one of the ladies, and now her boyfriend wants my tail, literally!” If one of your fish is always hiding in the top corner or behind/under a rock and is immediately chased if he dares to come out, it is time to find a new, secure home for the fish.
  8. “We need a better lawn service.” Scavengers and algae eaters will help to control the mess, but you are still going to have to clean the filters, trim back the algae and “vacuum” the substrate to remove the wastes.
  9. “We couldn’t help but notice that YOU drink bottled water!” Fortunately, most of us live in areas where our standard tap water is safe enough to use for our aquarium, with maybe a little help from dechlorinators, buffers or salt mixes. But, in some areas, we need to make the effort to purify the water with Reverse Osmosis or Ion-Exchange Resins to make it tolerable for the fish.
  • “We need a medic for my buddy gasping in the corner!” Our fish rely on us for all their health issues and we need to pay attention for any unusual behavior as a first symptom of a disease problem, and we also need to have some type of treatment for the more common ailments. Caring for fish may also require the establishment of a quarantine/hospital tank to separate healthy fish from sick ones in order to give sick fish some peace and quiet while mending. You would not expect your health care provide to do your open heart surgery in the kitchen while everyone else was eating?

The bonus 11th thing your aquarium fish would like to tell you comes from Tracy Miller. She won a $10 PetSolutions Gift Card and the bragging rights to have her winning comment on Don’s blog:

  • “Don’t just throw me in!” Proper acclimation for any fish is crucial, this process helps match pH, temperature, salinity, and other water quality factors. If you throw a fish directly in the tank, you could shock him or even kill him. Invertebrates and corals also need acclimation. Ask about specific proper ways to acclimate your newest addition.

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