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AquaticLife Edge LED Aquarium Light System Snapshot Review

The EDGE lights are available in a 24”L, 30W light; a 36”L, 48W light; and a 48”L, 71W light. These ratings put the Edge near the top of the total output available for hobbyists today. They do not have the adjustable color temperature or specialized weather effects of some of the other brands, but if you look at a cost per Watt of LED output, the Edge is one of the best deals on the market.

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Highlights of New Aquarium Products at PetSolutions

If you are interested in some of the new aquarium products that PetSolutions just picked up, I have written a few highlights about these products.

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Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Q & A

When you get started in the aquarium hobby, you will hear a lot about the "cycling" stage that occurs in the beginning. You might read how you want to use hardier fish to "cycle" your aquarium, or how it takes about a month for the "cycling" process to complete. This "cycling" is referring to the Nitrogen Cycle that occurs in every new aquarium. Here are some popular questions and answers about what it means when an aquarium is "cycling," as well as what to expect during this time.

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Comparison Chart for Aquarium Hang-On Power Filters

There are many hang-on power filters you can use in your aquarium. However, it is not always easy to tell which size or type of filter is the to maintain proper aquarium care.  Luckily, there you can figure out which hang-on filters are the best to use in your aquarium tanks.

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I Do Not Mean To Start A Fight…

Having enjoyed the Holiday weekend and seen some really spectacular fireworks displays, I thought I might start a few fireworks of my own with the following discussion. There are practices in the aquarium hobby that almost everyone follows, but sometimes I think it is for the wrong reason or else the explanation is lacking in facts.

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