Reasons for Puppy Wee Wee Pad Training

Many times, it is helpful to potty train your puppy using puppy wee wee pads. Some reasons include: your puppy is too small to go outside immediately, it is extremely cold to start housebreaking your puppy outside, or you have decided to use wee pads with your puppy for his lifetime. Whatever your reason, there are some great puppy wee wee pads that can help train your pup!

What Puppy Pee Pads Are Available?

There are quite a few puppy wee pads available to use with your puppy. Some of the more popular puppy pee pads include:

The Difference Between Puppy Wee Pads and Adult Wee Pads

One of the biggest differences between wee wee pads made for puppies and ones made for adult dogs is the special attractant used in puppy wee wee pads. Some adult wee wee pads contain attractant, but all puppy wee pads should contain it. The powerful attractant helps puppies want to use the wee pad, rather than have an accident on your floor. It also promotes the instinctive marking behavior of dogs, which helps your pup decide to use the wee pad, rather than the edge of a sofa!

Some puppy wee pads also contain a grass scent. This additional scent gets your puppy used to the smell of grass, so he can associate going potty on the lawn, if you decide to move his potty area to the backyard at a later date.

Finally, puppy wee wee pads might be a little smaller in size than adult pads. Since puppies are typically extremely tiny in size to maybe the size of a small adult dog, the pee pads do not have to be as large as a pad needed for an adult Labrador, for example. Using a smaller wee pad helps your puppy learn that there is a small area where he should do his business, rather than using an adult pad that is extremely large in size for your puppy.

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