Camping with your dog can be a wonderful experience, if you are prepared. Dogs make great companions and can often warn you of most other animals. Your dog, however, requires his own bag for his dog supplies. It is also important to note what type of dog you have and the conditions in which you are taking him camping. If your dog is not suitable for the environment or the work-out, you should consider finding a dog-sitter.

On the trip, there are a number of things you should bring with your dog. The first and most important is food. Putting your dog food in two waterproof plastic bags prevents it from getting moldy or other critters smelling the food. On this same note, it is highly recommended that you bring your dog some treats, not only for good behavior, but also for his blood sugar levels on any hike. Your dog must always have freshwater available, too. Be careful of letting your dog drink from random streams or lakes, as the bacteria is not always good for your dog, and it is a good way to give your dog worms. Water bottles with a collapsible water dish are highly recommended. This way, your dog can drink anywhere at any time. During hikes, make sure to bring a spare bottle of water for your dog.

During hikes, you might consider a back pack for your dog, if he can handle the extra weight. There are many different types that strap to the dog more like a harness. Be sure to give your pup a break and take it off when you sit down or stop. Make sure to always have your dog’s leash, identification tags, and walking collar. In some areas, it is imperative that you have your leash, especially around camping grounds. If you are rock climbing with your animal, make sure you have his harness and the proper equipment. If you are planning on walking through rough terrain, you might consider dog shoes for his paws. Make sure to note the type of rocks and the weather you will be walking in.

It is important that your animal can relax and calm down wherever you are camping. Remember that your dog is away from home, too. Be sure to have shelter for your dog to sleep in at night. If you can, bring something for your animal to sleep on, possibly a bed, and don’t forget a warm blanket. Make sure that, at the end of the day, if your dog needs a bath, you can give him one. Also, it is imperative that you are able to completely dry your dog so he does not catch a cold. Quality time at night with your animal will help him relax in this new environment. It is a great idea to bring his favorite toy or something comforting from home.

Lastly, one can not forget the dog first aid kit. It is always recommended to use Frontline or a flea and tick repellent for your dog, as you will be outdoors constantly. Make sure to bring any medication your dog might be taking. You will want to make sure that you carry a first aid kit that includes a tourniquet for your dog and bandages. Take as many precautions as you can when it comes to your dog’s health and your own.

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