When you have a high-energy pup, or even one that just loves food, finding a good treat dispensing dog toy can be a high priority. If you have an aggressive chewer, finding something that withstands some powerful jaws makes finding a dog treat toy that much more difficult. Whether you are looking for a treat toy to satisfy one of the doggie characteristics above, or all three (in my case), you should check out the StarMark Bob-a-Lot.

There are a lot of dog treat toys on the market, and my dog, Bailey, will use a few of them. However, his favorite is the Starmark Bob-a-Lot. The exterior of the toy has some slight texturing, as well as an anti-slip coating on the weighted base to allow your pup to wobble, spin, or roll the Bob-a-Lot with ease. This is one toy that does not make a lot of noise, and it works virtually anywhere, including hard or carpeted surfaces. PetSolutions offers the Bob-a-Lot in both a Large and Small size.

One of the great things about this toy is that it has two treat openings. There is located near the bottom (pictured) and another underneath the yellow screw-top lid. Both openings have little latches that allow you to determine the size of the opening. This allows you to make this treat puzzle easy or hard, based on the size of treat you use. I have used everything from dry dog food to the Best Buddy  Bits training treats with Bailey.

One thing that will surprise you about this toy is the creativity your dog comes up with to get the treats out. While Bailey uses his paws on this toy, he also uses his nose and mouth. He will bat at, tip over, poke at, and pounce on the Bob-a-Lot with his paws. He uses his nose to send it spinning, as well as pushing at the bottom to tip it over all the way. And, finally, the thing that surprises me, is that he uses his mouth to pick the toy up by the yellow lid and drop it to spill treats out. He will also pick up the empty toy and carry it around, following me wherever I go, if I don’t put the Bob-a-Lot away when it’s empty. He even puts it in my lap when I sit down. I would say that’s a great doggie endorsement!

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Kristen is the Web Coordinator at PetSolutions. She has over 5 years of experience working in the pet care industry, with many more years of pet ownership experience! When not at PetSolutions, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family (which includes an extremely spoiled Lab mix), crafting, and trying to decide when to set her fish tank back up.

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