Without a doubt, love is in the air during this time of year, and we are all running around trying to figure out what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day. There are flowers, candies, stuffed animals, and so much more to choose from for gifts. For my husband and I, we tend to do things more from the heart and keep it simple. Of course, we do include our furry family members in our celebration. We just love showing extra love to our dogs, Petey and Harley, on Valentine’s Day. When it comes to getting gifts for them, we go straight for what they enjoy… treats, fun, and affection! After all, they just want to spend time with us, as much as we want to spend time with them. And, who doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat!

Now, we tend not to lean towards treats we can give them everyday, but instead some extraordinary ones just for this special occasion. Our Yorkie, Harley, has a more sensitive tummy then Petey, our Cairn, so we get treats that best suit their individual needs. We like to give Harley Greenies, PetCakes or Blue Buffalo Health Bars and make him a special dinner of veggies and boiled chicken to add to his Blue Buffalo dog food. Petey gets the same special dinner, but he gets treats like Snausages, Bacon Jerky Strip or Sweet Potato treats.

Playtime is always a good time had by all! You can play with one of your dog’s favorite toys or a new dog toy purchased just for the holiday. Petey and Harley love to play fetch. When we play fetch, we make sure to change it up a bit. We do this by throwing the toy and then Petey, Harley and the other person who isn’t throwing the toy race for it. Whoever wins then brings it back to the person throwing the toy. My husband, Jeremy, and I seldom win because the dogs are super fast! We always have fun doing this game. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to exercise for everyone involved.

When it comes to giving affection, it doesn’t cost you a penny, and it’s priceless! It’s simply the best gift you can give your dog on Valentine’s Day, or any day, all year long. It helps add to your bond with your dog and shows him you care. Some things we’ve done for our dogs to give them extra special affection include spending time just rubbing their bellies (they both love, love their bellies rubbed) and giving them their own doggie massages. They both definitely enjoyed it, and we even had scented candles lit!

Jeremy and I feel that we should show each other and our dogs how we feel all year round, and Valentine’s Day plays a nice reminder in doing just that. We love to take special time out of our schedule to enrich that unspoken bond we have with our furry friends. So, whatever you have planned, and no matter the budget, it will be perfect because it’s coming from your heart and the love you have for your dog.

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