We’ve all heard a story or two of a cat catastrophe around the holidays. They like to knock down Christmas ornaments, pull on garlands, and even wrap themselves in ribbon. However, dogs need holiday pet-proofing too! Nothing spoils the holidays like an emergency trip to the vet because fido has a tummy fully of tinsel. Here are some tips to keep both your pup and decorations safe and full of holiday cheer!

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a beautiful novelty for the holidays. However, they bring a variety of potential troubles.

  • Position your tree strategically. Put it in a corner or place it in an area where gates or pet pens can be set up around the perimeter.
  • Decorate with care. Position fragile and delicate decor near the top, and keep the lower branches bare or sturdier ornaments.
  • Re-think the tinsel. If you want to use it, position it at a high enough distance up the tree so that your pets can’t reach it!
  • Wire carefully. Bury cords and wires as thoroughly as possible within the tree so that only one short wire is exposed. Cords make tempting chew toys so the fewer wire options available, the better.
  • If a live tree if your style, discourage your dog from eating any pine needles or drinking water from the base. Keep the area extremely clean and cover the base at all times.
  • To keep gifts in tact and avoid a mess of gift wrap, you may want to hold off on putting presents under the tree before Christmas morning. Your dog may be curious about what is inside the packages!

Seasonal Plants

Mistletoe, holly, berry wreaths, and poinsettias are some of the most iconic plants used during the holidays. However, none of them are safe for your pet to ingest. Keeping these beautiful arrangements off the floor and away from muzzles will prevent any chance of chewing or digestion.

Gift Wrap & Supplies

Your dog may make an adorable wrapping assistant, but its probably best to do it without the extra paws! Keep an eye on your gift wrapping supplies to avoid accidental ingestion of ribbon, paper, tissue, tape, etc. Wrap gifts on a high surface so your scissors and tape don’t run away!

Cookies & Other Goodies

Christmas is that special time of year when people pull out their baking pans to make candies, treats and cookies! Whether you’re baking or receiving holiday treats, be mindful where you keep them. Cookies on end tables, bowls of chocolates or even a tray of treats on the counter top can intrigue your dog. Store them out of reach and in seal tight containers to prevent your dog from getting into them! However, if you want to celebrate the holidays with your canine companion, you can find some great recipes for  Christmas-themed cookies that are made just for dogs.

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