It’s that time of year again. If you aren’t a huge Super Bowl fan, then this is the season of the Puppy Bowl! Officially starting at 3 PM EST on February 1, 2015, it seems that the Puppy Bowl popularity has increased so much that you can find lots of fun pre-game activities and events before the big day.

Official Puppy Bowl Site

On the Animal Planet’s official Puppy Bowl site, you can watch the full Puppy Bowl XI Pre-Game show right now. You can look at “Player Profiles,” too. Either mouse-over each pup to see a description of the puppy, or click on the video image to see the pup in action.

If you like to be fully immersed in the big game, you can create a Puppy Bowl Fantasy Draft, too.

There is also rumor that Katty Furry is going to headline the healftime show!

For some truly inspirational clips, check out the Adoption Tails segment, featuring clips from previous Puppy Bowl stars that have been adopted by loving families.

The Washington Post also wrote a cute article, with an interview from the Puppy Bowl Ref, as well as some Puppy Bowl facts. For example, this year’s Puppy Bowl will feature Nigerian Dwarf goat cheerleaders; there were 85 puppies brought in to tape this year’s Puppy Bowl; and 3 of the pups brought in for the Puppy Bowl are still up for adoption – the rest have found homes.

If you need your Puppy Bowl fix now, there is a Live Cam showing the Puppy Bowl Locker Room as well as a Live Kitten Cam to show you the kittens that perform at halftime, available now.

Puppy Bowl Promo

Uber partnered with Animal Planet to order an on-demand, adoptable puppy to your office. That’s right, they let you order a pup for 15 minutes of playtime. It cost $30 per 15 minutes of playtime, all proceeds go to animal shelters in participating cities, and the promotion will ran from 11 AM – 3 PM today, Wednesday, 28, 2015. Last year, Uber did this with kittens, and there was apparently a shortage in New York City!

Dogs During the Super Bowl

If you miss the Puppy Bowl, you can still catch some canine cuteness during the Super Bowl. Budweiser just released their “Lost Dog” Super Bowl Commercial, which is a follow-up to last year’s Puppy Love commercial. It definitely will tug at your heart strings!


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