When PetSolutions picked up the Kong Bounzer, I will have to admit, I was pretty excited. Being an avid Kong dog toy fan, I was excited to test out this new heavy duty dog toy that can bounce, roll, and be fetched. I got it just in time to give it to my dog, Tyke, as his Christmas present. What I didn’t realize was how much my dog, Bailey, would want it or, even more surprising, that my toddler would want it, too!

Before giving the Bounzer to Tyke for Christmas (he lives at my parent’s house), I decided to let Bailey and my kiddo play around with it. Bailey is an extreme fetch dog – he will go after anything. My kiddo shrieks and claps whenever Bailey runs like crazy and returns a toy to her, so you can probably guess the main activity in my household! In any case, Bailey and the kiddo had a great time playing with the Bounzer. Later, when the dog toy was taken to my parents’ house for Tyke’s Christmas present, it found another great admirer in Tyke, who is toy chomper. 

I was extremely happy to find that the Bounzer was popular with two extremely different dog audiences. While both Tyke and Bailey are both 50+ lb pups about 5 years old each, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to playing with dog toys. As mentioned above, Bailey is a fetcher. It’s not to say that he doesn’t like to chew, but his primary joy is fetching. He will bring you a toy to throw so he can fetch it. If that toy doesn’t seem to be good enough for you (due to the absence of throwing), he will bring another toy to you. He does this until you are piled in dog toys and finally throw one of them. Yes, he is a little spoiled, but he is worth it! Tyke, on the other hand, is a chomper. He loves to knaw, chew, lick, bite, and nibble on his toys. He is acutally pretty picky when it comes to his dog toys. Maybe it has something to do with having just the right texture and bite resistance? I’m not exactly sure, but I try to get him toys that will allow him to chew and chomp his heart out. Hey, it’s better finding out he has nabbed one of the barn animals from my daughter’s Fisher Price Farm set, right?

In my opinion the best things about the Kong Bounzer include:

  • the handle – no matter how slimy the toy became from doggie drool and slobber, I always had a place to grab the Bounzer and know my hand would not slide off (or get too slimy!)
  • the shape – in the classic Kong shape, the Bounzer does really well as both a fetch and chomp toy. It has just the right weight for the fatter bottom to fly through the air, as well as a variety of places to bite down due to the variations in size as you move up the toy.
  • lightweight, yet heavy duty play – the Bounzer is surprisingly light to pick up or throw. When I first picked up this toy, I was thinking it would be a solid piece of rubber like the Kong treat toys. Instead, it has just enough weight at the bottom to be thrown, light enough to carry around without tiring out jaws, and it can easily be pawed or batted around by your dog (if he’s in to that sort of thing)
  • it’s kind of a tease – the Bounzer will deflate when chomped on, but as soon as your dog releases the toy, it re-inflates back to it’s original shape almost immediately, which can be a little bit of a challenge to a dog who thought he did his best to destroy a toy.
  • the bounce – if your dog has a traditional food Kong, you know how unpredicatable the direction of the bounce can be when the Kong is dropped or batted or moved in any way. The Kong Bounzer reacts in that same unpredictable way, only you won’t have to worry about chunks of food flying out or staining your carpet!

If you are looking for a new toy to keep your pup curiously entertained and happy, look no further than the Kong Bounzer. It is quite a diversified dog toy at a really resonable price. If you also have a toddler in the house, be prepared to work on sharing – your kiddo will find this toy just as fascinating as your dog!

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About The Author Kristen Sydelko

Kristen is the Web Coordinator at PetSolutions. She has over 5 years of experience working in the pet care industry, with many more years of pet ownership experience! When not at PetSolutions, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family (which includes an extremely spoiled Lab mix), crafting, and trying to decide when to set her fish tank back up.

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