Halloween is a supposed to be a festive night for everyone to enjoy.  Ghosts, Goblins and Superheros go door to door and many families spend the evening together watching movies and eating candy! Although it is an evening of fun, your pets may not have the same experience. Consider potential dangers and prevent your dog from getting into a spooky situation on Halloween night.


Place your candy basket out of reach and out of sight. This prevents your dog from sniffing and potentially eating candy that could be toxic or life threatening! Chocolate contains methylxanthines, a highly toxic chemical for dogs that is similar to caffeine. Darker chocolate contains more of the toxic ingredient , so even a small amount can cause major issues. Raisins (and grapes) can cause kidney failure in dogs. Even one can be hazardous! However, if your dog is planning to pass out candy too, just make sure the basket is off the floor and away from curious nostrils.

If your dog happens to get in the candy, he probably has ingested not only the candy but the candy wrappers. Wrappers including foil and cellophane can cause life-threatening bowel obstruction. If the bowel-obstruction is severe enough, it may require surgery.  Sometimes, X-rays are needed to diagnose if this is an issue.

Glow Sticks & Accessories

Glow sticks and glow jewelry have become increasingly popular for kids (for safety and accessories). However, the chemicals are not safe for pets. While typically not life threatening, ingested glow sticks and jewelry cause a variety of symptoms for dogs. Dogs may experience excessive drool, foaming of the mouth and even pain and irritation. Keep glow sticks out of reach for pets and prevent a trip to the vet!

Pet Costumes

Some pets love to be dressed up, while others can’t escape fast enough. Dog clothes and costumes add an instant cute factor that pet owners can’t resist. Unfortunately, some costumes are not safe for Fido.  Make sure the costume doesn’t impair your dog’s vision, movement, or breathing. Dogs can’t verbally communicate their discomfort, so watch for heavy or shallow breathing, restricted movement or skin irritation.  Additionally, costume adornments can be potentially hazardous. Small pieces, beads, snaps, tassels, are all easy targets for your dog to rip off and ingest! Play it safe and opt for costumes that don’t have hanging pieces.


Candles are a seasonal staple, especially during Halloween! Tealights and votives create festive lighting for parties but also carry a potential risk for your dog.  Jack o’ Lanterns and festive decor may peak curiosity, but your dog may not know that candles are hot! Wagging tails can easily knock over candles and candle holders with just a single swipe. Prevent burns, broken decor and a painful experience for your pet by keeping candles away from wagging reach.

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