Sunshine, glistening cool waters and clear blue skies. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a great vacation with your tail wagging pup! It’s summertime and for lots of dogs that will mean fun-filled days of hiking, swimming and exploring the great outdoors. We’ve put together a road trip checklist to help keep your pup safe and maximize your summer fun together!

Make a Travel List for your Pet
Making a separate list for your dog helps keep you organized so you can focus on the specific needs of your pet. Travel planning can be hectic and it’s easy to become distracted with other things like road trip essentials and lodging. Pets require a lot of travel accessories and a pet specific list will ensure you have everything you need for the perfect vacation.

Buckle Up Fido!
In accordance with the law across many provinces and states across Canada and the US, your pet needs to be safely restrained during travel. Before you start your road trip, be prepared with necessary items. This would include things like harnesses, seat belts and backseat barriers. Renowned for comfort, variety and durability, this equipment will provide dependable travel safety for you and your pet for many road trips to come.

On the road
Lots of pets suffer from travel sickness and anxiety. Ideally you want to determine if your pet suffers from this common condition well in advance of setting out on your travels. Rest assured if your pet does have this problem there are excellent supplementary products available to overcome it. Check out products such as ‘Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming’ and ‘Homeo Pet Travel Anxiety Relief’. Frequent short car rides in the weeks leading up to your travel plans will help your dog to gradually become familiar with travel motion.

Extra things to consider:

Handy accessories
Packing for summer travel is never easy. It can become especially challenging when a four-legged family member takes up half your suitcase! Don’t worry though, gaining some extra space in your luggage might be easier than you think! Swap your dog’s regular feeding and water bowls for light, compact travel accessories. Check out handy products like the ‘Gulpy Water Bottle’ or the collapsible and attachable ‘H2O Canine’. Clever accessories like these make travelling with pets a breeze. Once you try them you’ll never want to leave the house without them!

Home away from home
Once on the road, you’ll be without the security of your trusted veterinary practice. Look up clinics along your route and record the addresses and phone numbers. That way, in the event of an accident or emergency, you can feel prepared and avoid panic. If you are travelling to any remote camping areas, a ‘Pet First Aid Kit’ is an excellent idea to have on hand! In addition, a properly fitted lifejacket is a must for your dog if boating is on the travel agenda. Take your dog for a fitting well in advance to get the perfect size. So when the time comes, your dog can dive right on in and get down to some good old doggie paddling.

More is better
Running out of your dog’s favourite food and treats while away from home is the last thing you want to happen. Switching foods can be problematic and doing so in an unfamiliar setting is not recommended. Suffering from diarrhea and/or vomiting is certainly not how your pet wants to spend travelling time. Be sure to stop by PetSolutions website and stock up on enough of your pet’s regular food and treats before heading off on your adventures!


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