Spring is just around the corner, bringing gorgeous warm weather, as well as pesky fleas and ticks. Once the warm days arrive, flea eggs will begin to hatch, which can quickly become a huge problem as they multiply and infest your dog or cat. It is always easier to prevent and control fleas and ticks, rather than waiting until there is a problem and having to treat and fight to get rid of them.

There are many various flea and tick remedies to choose from on the market. One of the newest treatments includes FiproGuard. It is a fast-acting waterproof topical treatment that protects pets from fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. FiproGuard is formulated with Fipronil, the active ingredient used in Frontline Top Spot. FiproGuard Plus is specifically formulated with Fipronil and (S)-methoprene, the two active ingredients in Frontline Plus, and contains an insect growth regulator (IGR) that kills all stages of the flea life cycle, including larvae, eggs and adults. The Plus formula also prevents flea re-infestation for up to 6 weeks!

FiproGuard for Dogs controls and kills mites that can cause sarcoptic mange, deer ticks that transmit Lyme disease, brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, and lone star ticks. Both formulas are safe to use on cats and dogs over 8 weeks of age, as well as dogs or cats that may be breeding, pregnant, or lactating. This quick and easy squeeze-on topical treatment is available in different treatment amount, depending on your dog’s or cat’s weight. It comes in 3 individual dose packages, which prevents you from having to worry about how much to apply, and leaves you worry free for the next 30 days.

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  • I care for rescued cats and I have used various flea medications with varied results. I bought fiproguard for cats and applied it to 11 cats. Five days after the application, they all still have plenty of fleas. Four of the cats are kept indoor only and the others are in clean, flea treated catteries. After spending my hard earned cash on Fiproguard and still have cats with lots of fleas, I am totally disappointed in this product. I DO NOT reccomend it!

  • I actually use this for my two daschunds and I like it. It is just like a generic for a person – same active ingredients just less expensive. I’m not sure why you would have an issue with your cats. I think how fast these work can depend on how big of a flea problem you have starting out. My little guys have done well. SO glad to save some $$!

  • Hi Trudy,

    We’d like to know more about your experience and determine how to assist you. Please contact our Consumer Affairs department at 1-800-224-PETS (7387). They can take your information and look into the situation. We absolutely stand behind our products and want to make sure you are taken care of and your cats are flea-free and happy!

    Alex, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products

  • Trudy, we have a 60 day guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, please contact Customer Service at 800-737-3868 for assistance. We’d be more than happy to look at your situation in reference to our guarantee. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I didn’t catch your comment earlier!

    Kelly, we’re glad you are having a good experience! Thanks for sharing.

    Alex, thanks for reaching out to Trudy to help her with her experience re: FiproGuard.

  • When I put this on my cat in between his shoulder blades he started drooling uncontrollably so I rinsed him off in the tub. Now he keeps coughing. My dogs use frontline I should have just used that.

  • That does not sound good, Kylie. I would highly suggest calling your vet. Also, when another of our customers responded that the FiproGuard didn’t do anything for fleas, one of the customer reps from FiproGuard asked her to call them. 1-800-224-PETS (7387) is the number, if you would like to call. We also have a 60 day guarantee, so you can return the product to us if you are within that time frame. We haven’t heard of pets becoming ill from this product, but you never know what kind of reaction your pet is going to have to something. Please let us know how your cat is doing!

  • We just got the Fiproguard for our Pom’chi and it seems to be working well he is sleeping much better at night now and NOT keeping me awake Scratching … we applied this 3 days ago …We tried other brands that claim to kill the fleas and they did nothing guess its true ( you get what you pay for lol ) Very happy with the Fiproguard !!

  • 1 last thing … Before we used this on our Dog I gave him a bath with a mix of Joy dish soap and Dog shampoo ( for Dry skin) The limon in the dish soap kills the fleas on the spot . then after damp Drying him we put the fiproguard on . 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips, Kim! Hopefully, those will help 🙂

  • I applied the Fiproguard on my cats two day ago, and I’m still finding fleas on my cats. Does it take a few days to work or is this not normal?

  • Hi Heather – There are a couple things that can be going on. When a cat gets fleas, using a topical treatment will work to kill off fleas for the fleas that bite the cat. It may take a little bit for the fleas to bite, which will then get the topical treatment in the flea’s system, which will then kill of the flea that has bitten the cat. Secondly, in most instances, the fleas don’t just live on the cat. They also live in bedding, carpet, long grasses outside, etc. If you treat only the cat and not areas where the cat inhabits or roams, then the fleas that were on the cat initially will die off, but more can jump on to your cat. You basically have to tackle your cat with a topical or chewable treatment, treat your carpets and bedding with flea bombs and laundry washes, and sometimes treat your outside with sprays. My friend is very careful about fleas, but she has gone through this with her cat a few times. It can take a week or more to get rid of every flea once you treat all areas of the cat and the cat’s territory. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • This product did not work on 5 different animals after bathing them ALL with flea soap, drying them and applying this. I just picked off 10 fleas off ONE of my dogs after this was applied 2 weeks ago. Yeah, it’s cheaper but NO it DOESN’T work!! Spend the extra money and get Frontline – now I have to spend MORE money since this didn’t work to get what WILL work.

  • I’m sorry you are still finding fleas. If you have purchased the FiproGuard from PetSolutions within 60 days, please feel free to take advantage of our 60-day guarantee. Also, did you treat your house and outdoors for fleas? FiproGuard and Frontline only treat fleas that are on the pet. If more fleas are existing indoors or outside, they can jump on your pet and cause flea problems. If you need some assistance with getting items to help treat a whole flea problem, please feel free to call us!

  • I, too, have tried to switch to FiproGuard. I purchased 3 months for both my indoor cat and indoor dog. We used Frontline before and never had any problems. Now, I can’t get it under control. I catch my poor Yorkie scratching constantly. I am chasing fleas through her hair trying to pick them off. I applied the second treatment 3 weeks in because the first wasn’t working. It has only been 2 weeks and we are covered up. I have zero carpet, all hardwood, wash my linens weekly, cannot imagine why we are having this problem, especially after using Frontline for years and never encountering this.

  • to trudy bryant ….bomb your house to get rid of fleas no matter what you use you will not get ahead of them unless you bomb house!!! FIPROGUARD is a great product when used properly

  • are the dog and cat formulas of firpoguard different? they list the same active and inactive ingredients, but the dog formula says “do not use on cats.” is there actually any reason not to titrate the dose for cats? is the manufacturer just trying to prevent people saving money in this way? we do rescue and have MANY animals to treat. we’ve always divided up the dose of advantage or frontline. would greatly appreciate your thoughts before we purchase. thank you!

  • I suspect that it much the same reason as Advantage and Frontline dog are not recommended for cats, and that is the strength of the product. I imagine that you could probably do the same thing with Fiproguard, but I do not know that for a fact. You would be better off to consult a veterinarian or the manufacturer before doing something that not advised with the product.

  • thank you for the response. i have in fact written twice to the manufacturer and have received evasive answers, which i find disturbing. is it legal to put any ingredient in the medication not listed on the label? if not, as the labeled ingredients are identical, presumably so is the content. however, the manufacturer’s attitude is worrying. a single consumer does not have the power to force a clear answer, but perhaps a retailer does. thank you very much for your help.

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