Let’s discuss the Everlasting Treat Ball. I’ll start by admitting I avoided this toy for years because it looks pretty complicated in the packaging. First, what part of it is everlasting? How could a treat be everlasting, especially when you have a dog that can and will chew through everything you give him… and, even some things you don’t! Second, it can be intimidating to look at, especially the “locking” refills with screw ends that have to be assembled. In a world where I do not have a lot of time, spending more than 5 seconds figuring out how a dog toy works is not at the top of my to-do list. However, I wish I had purchased the Everlasting Treat Ball years ago.

The “everlasting” part is something that is questioned quite a bit. I think the name of this toy should have been “The Everlasting Ball That Also Holds Dog Treats.” I’m guessing that title was too long to economically put on the packaging, and it does not run off the tongue as well as the “Everlasting Treat Ball.” However, the ball is what is being described by the word “everlasting.” The ball’s material is durable, puncture resistant, and supposed to hold up to even the toughest chewers. It has survived my dog’s jaws, so I’m prone to think the statement is true. The treats, however, are not everlasting. Unfortunately, we do not live in Willy Wonka’s world, and these treats are not a canine version of the famous Gobstopper. Treats make this ball more interestiing to your dog, but be prepared to use refills or other dog treats if you want this toy to continue dispensing goodies.

To address the second concern, this dog toy is, in essence, a ball. It has been lopped off to create two ends, which makes it wobble and fall flat instead of rolling continuously. But, it is a ball. There are little flaps on the “ends,” and the middle is kind of hollow, but these features make it great to use for hiding treats. Think Kong, only the material is much different. With the little flaps, I can use the treats designed for this toy, or I can stuff my pup’s Milk Bone in it and let him figure out how to dislodge the biscuit enough to eat. In fact, I typically put kibble, Milk Bones, or other types of treats in this ball. Using the refills are not the only option for this treat ball.

If you are unsure as to whether the Everlasting Treat Ball would be a good option for your dog, I recommend getting one and trying it out. It took me 3 seconds to figure out how to use the ball with the included treats once everything was out of the packaging. It took my dog a good amount of time to figure out how to get to the treats, which created some funny entertainment for me. For a ball-loving Lab-mix, this ball is now one of his favorites. Containing treats or empty, the “Everlasting Ball That Also Holds Treats” is the ball that keeps showing up in my lap. Whether it is to play toss or providing reminders for a treat refill, this ball is never far from my dog’s snout. 

For a more in-depth look at the Everlasting Treat Ball, check out our video:

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