I found another great dog treat to try with picky pups. My dog, Bailey, is a self-proclaimed rawhide addict who also likes the SmartBones rawhide alternatives. However, he has recently given his approval for cow hooves with jerky fillings. In addition to the rawhides, the cow hooves are about the furthest I have gone with natural treats. I have given Bailey one femur bone, but I don’t think he quite knew what to do with it. However, a jerky filled cow hoof was super easy to understand, and even after a month, the hooves are holding up fine.

I initially gave Bailey a peanut butter-filled hoof. The filling was 99.9% gone within an hour, and he has spent the last few weeks gnawing and getting the last little bit of filling out of the hoof in an on-again, off-again basis. In addition, he has chewed away at part of the hoof, which works to both clean his teeth and keep his jaw exercised. Talk about a protein-packed dental chew! I followed the peanut butter hoof with both the beef and liver flavors. There wasn’t a clean-cut favorite when it came to the filling flavor, so I assume all three filled cow hooves were delicious.

One thing I noticed about these hooves was the lack of smell. I have heard that many cow hoof treats can be quite smelly. In addition, some of the other natural treats I have come across have a distinctive smell. I was not the one to open the package of hooves, so maybe they had time to air out. However, I appreciate the lack of stink from this treat!

Cow hooves are a longer lasting dog treat than rawhides, but it is still important to watch your dog while he is chewing on these treats. As with any treat or chewing object you give your pup, the hooves need to be taken away once your dog starts splintering the edges, breaking off large chunks, or chewing the base down to a nub.

What have been your experiences with cow hoof dog products?

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