There are several reasons to consider chiropractic care for your pet. For starters, your spine is your foundation! Like humans, many animals have a spine that allows messages to travel from the brain to every cell, organ and tissue in their bodies. This transfer of information allows hearts to pump, lungs to breathe and digestive system to function without any conscious thought. It is also what allows our bodies to protect and defend against illness and disease. Our pets are unable to communicate with us verbally (the umbrella cockatoo is one of few exceptions) so we rely on body language and behavior to determine the health of our pets.

What is a misalignment?

When a vertebrae or section of vertebrae become misaligned, energy is unable to pass through the body. This is called a Subluxation! The energy flow becomes weakened, much like a dam in a river. Symptoms like limping, the inability to stand or sit, shallow breathing, and digestive irregularities can be signs of a misalignment. Even fatigue or lethargic symptoms are a potential sign of subluxation. Your dog could also be more susceptible to allergies, colds or other illness when the transfer of healing messages is weakened or disconnected. Furthermore, most people don’t know that a misalignment could greatly impact the natural behavior of their pet.

What causes a misalignment?

Repetitive movements can create misalignments. Does your dog like to jump off the bed every morning? Does your cat like to free fall from the highest cabinet in your kitchen? Or maybe you have a pet in a competitive sport (racing, discs, or dock jumping).  Although they may not show signs during acute discomfort, these repetitive motions will begin to add up. Our pets can also strain muscles and joints from an active lifestyle, much like people who have a routine fitness regimen or recurring sports related injury. Subluxations can also be caused by sudden, forceful movements like accidents (learn more about some car safety tips here), rough play, falling (think of a puppy using the stairs for the first time) or intense agility training.

What can I do to bring out the best in my pet?

First, chiropractic care is a natural, drug free and non-invasive way of treating the spine, joints and ligaments. It is a great option to help bring out the best in your pet! If your pet is on antibiotics or is having an adverse reaction to a medication, chiropractic care can boost the immune system to help support its natural defenses and begin the healing process. Many chiropractors will take pet patients by appointment only during office hours. Some doctors will treat a variety of animals like cats, dogs, horses, livestock, and other species. The only requirement is a patient with a spine! The doctor will use a tool called an activator to gently correct the spinal misalignment. It uses very light pressure to put the vertebrae back in place. Many animals get immediate relief and enjoy the experience!

What Should I expect?

Some appointments take 15 minutes or less! If your pet is sensitive to the touch or wary around strangers, allot 30 minutes to an hour for the consultation and adjustment. Depending on the severity of the condition, the doctor could recommend multiple adjustments. Typically, younger animals respond more quickly to chiropractic adjustments and require fewer visits to maintain their spine in the proper position. Chiropractic care offers many great health benefits for older dogs too! Routine adjustments can help adult or senior dogs with conditions like anxiety, bladder incontinence, and joint and mobility issues! Many people take their pets in for wellness care as routine maintenance to ensure that their pet is happy, healthy and aligned!  Chiropractors are very passionate about wellness and will take great care of you and your pet!

Live in Dayton, Ohio or surrounding areas? We highly recommend Freedom Family Chiropractic for the optimal health of you and your pet! My dog Mocha loves Dr. Dan and Dr. Allison because they make her feel better!

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