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10 Tips for Housebreaking Your Pup

Puppies are adorable and a welcome addition to any home with caring, responsible owners. One behavior that is NOT so adorable, however, is the inevitable "pee and poo" accidents on your floor before your pup is housebroken. It's essential for puppies to learn that elimination just anywhere they choose inside the house is not acceptable to you.

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Allergies Among Canines

We all know humans often suffer from seasonal allergies, and we are, unfortunately, quite familiar with all the misery those allergies can bring! Likewise, our canine companions can be miserable from similar seasonal allergies, as well as have allergic reactions from certain types of foods, pests, and other irritants. It's important to know the symptoms of these various allergies and the best treatment options available.

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Caring for Senior Canine Companions

Just as puppies have specific needs, so do senior dogs. By the time they reach the age range of 5-11 years old, depending on their breed, they are about the equivalent to the ages of elderly humans, with some of the same ailments.

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Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

Dogs and hot weather do not always go together. Sometimes, dogs just get really hot. Other times, dogs end up with heatstroke. Heatstroke is fairly common among dogs during hot weather. Unfortunately, if your dog gets heatstroke, it is always dangerous.

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What Is a Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs?

Limited ingredient dog foods, or simplified diet dog foods, usually contain only one unique protein and one carbohydrate, and they are typically soy, grain, and dairy free. This basic type of dog food has an extremely simple formula, which can give your dog's stomach a rest from digesting some of the fillers that are added to some dog foods, or it can solve food sensitivity issues.

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