Actually, February is Dental Care Month for all pets! However this blog is specifically for our Fido loving friends. While dog dental care is important year round, it’s good to have a reminder on how to care for canine teeth.  Here are some tips to keep dog dental care fun, easy, and manageable.

Dog Dental Care

Chewing helps keep teeth clean outside of periodic brushing. Rawhides, dog toys and dental treats are great options that prevent tartar and plaque buildup. If you have a puppy, establish the “chewable” options early on. Proper training will keep your pup from grabbing shoes and other objects that are not meant for chewing!

When dogs chew, the friction between their teeth and the chewable gently removes plaque and tartar. If not cared for, plaque and tartar buildup can cause long term health issues. Some Dental chews contain added benefits like fiber to help polish teeth, bumps and grooves that massage gums to promote healthy blood flow. There are also varieties that include chlorophyll to maintain fresh breath and whiten teeth.


There are several dog dental care products that are good for maintenance. Toys like the Canine Clean Peppermint Bone or Jump Dental Squeaker Balls are soft but effective for mild buildup. Play fetch or tug of war with dental toys to keep teeth healthy during playtime!

Dental treats are also a great way to support healthy teeth while rewarding your dog for good behavior! Fresh Kisses are made with natural ingredients and contain spearmint oil to freshen breath. They feature a double-brush design to clean teeth by removing plaque and tartar during the chewing of the treat. Our line of Performatrin Dental Sticks also provide the same benefits but with a unique pinwheel shape to get in between teeth.

Heavy Duty Dog Dental Care

Some people take on the task of brushing their dogs teeth to ensure good health. You can check with your veterinarian or local groomer to see if it is a service they provide if you don’t want to do it yourself. Depending on the personality of your pet, you may be able to do it from home with a few simple tools. Grab a dog toothbrush and water to work some of the persistent stuff off their teeth. Dogs require a specific type of toothpaste, so don’t share yours! Your dog may lick the paste off the brush, which can make it a bit challenging to do the actual cleaning so just be patient with your pet. Massage the gums as well, to prevent any additional gum recession. It may require some wrestling, but brushing is essential for healthy teeth and gums if your dog isn’t getting enough chew time. Always reward with a dental treat so that your dog knows brushing is a positive experience for both of you!

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