Year-round Bird Lovin’: Bird Watching Through the Seasons

If you are a wild bird lover like me, you want to see your feathered friends all year-round. I enjoy sipping on a cup of cocoa on chilly winter days and gazing out the window at blue jays playing in the snow. While most wildlife can adjust to the changes in weather and climate on their own, taking a few easy steps can ensure birds are visiting your yard through all four seasons.

Feeding Birds and Bird Watching Through the Seasons

If you live in an area that goes through all four seasons, there are things you can do specific to each season to help your backyard wildlife have an easier time getting through the season. They can do it on their own, without you making adjustments to their bird seed, shelter, and water but if your goal is to keep them coming to your yard and give you something to enjoy looking at then consider the suggestions below.