Another Day at the Zoo: Ferrets as Pets

I often think working at PetSolutions is kind of like working at a zoo. Between the animals we sell and the pets brought in by co-workers for photo shoots or visits, I am exposed to many different types and breeds of animals that make great pets, even if I never considered some of them before. Because of this experience, I want share the different pets I get to see at our “zoo.”

Health and Nutrition for Small Pets: Hamster and Gerbil

Hamsters and gerbils are one of the first small pets we own in our lives. Many of us had one or more when we were kids, and some of us get them for kids of our own. In general, hamsters and gerbils are healthy animals, and as long as they are fed properly, they can live up to five years. Determining a proper diet for your little pet can be difficult.