Getting to the Foot of the Issue: Anemones

However, there is something important about these interesting creatures that we must take in to consideration when keeping Anemones in captivity. The base of the Anemone is generally referred to as its foot. This is where the Anemone attaches itself into rock crevices in the wild, in an aquarium with live rock, or on the glass of an aquarium from time to time. Anemones will move from location to location until they find a place where they have the proper amount of light, as well as getting a good amount of food.

What’s In a Name? Discussing Aquarium Fish Names

Right or wrong, certain names immediately bring certain expectations, whether the name refers to a fish, dog, cat, animal or human! There is something in the collective consciousness that associates a “look” or behavior with a name. Some fish rightly deserve their name, while others must suffer under the expectations that they cannot live up to. Below is a list of some of the most well known common name fish.

PetSolutions Coral Frags Behind the Scenes

The “Pick of the Reef” section of our website, located in the live fish area, is filled with some gorgeous corals and frags. One of the great things about that section is that it is what you see is what you get, so the photo of the item you look at on our website is the actual item we will ship to you.

Visit a Public Aquarium During the Colder Months for a Relaxing Day

Currently there are at least 38 public aquariums located across the United States, and many in other parts of the world as well. These wonderful attractions can be a great place to get ideas for your own home aquarium, provide educational experiences for both children and adults alike, and they can just be downright fun and amazing places to visit.