Aquatic Report Card: Wavemakers for the Reef Aquarium

To ensure success with a coral reef aquarium, it will require the use of multiple water moving powerheads to create currents in the aquarium. By creating a turbulent flow in the saltwater aquarium, we will increase the oxygen levels and maintain a more even temperature gradient. Also, the back and forth motion of the water over the corals will eliminate any dead spots and remove any detritus that tries to settle out on the coral.

Aquatic Report Card: Aquastep Pro Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Recently, Lifeguard changed the design of the Aquastep Pro UV system to make it a modular design so all of the parts could be replaced as they degrade from the constant exposure to the UV radiation. The new design allows the consumer to replace the top or bottom housing plus the main housing body. The Pro system comes as either a 15W or 25W UV sterilizer. The UV bulb will need replacement after approximately 12 months of operation.

Retail Tails: Worse Case Scenario Aquarium Survival

Aquarium emergencies historically seem to happen at the worst possible times, late at night or when you are getting ready to leave the house. If we want our fish to survive the crisis, we need to be ready at a moments notice to correct the problem or come up with at least a temporary fix. The biggest crisis would involve the aquarium springing a leak or actually breaking.

Retail Tails: Emergency Aquarium Supplies

New aquarium hobbyists are sometimes overwhelmed by the choices of aquarium supplies and concentrate on the minimum to set up their new aquarium. Most retail outlets will offer kits that include the basics; tank, top, light, filter, heater, thermometer, water conditioner and maybe a choice of substrate.

FAQ’s: Covering the Basics of Aquarium Issues

Q. Why are my fish hanging around the top of the water in my aquarium?
A: This is usually a sign of low oxygen content in the water. You need to increase the surface agitation with better filters and/or more air stones in the water. If your aquarium filter has slowed down, it is time to clean it to increase the flow rate.

What You Need To Know About Nano Reefs

Nano reefs are one of the fastest growing segments of the mini-reef hobby. In the past, smaller aquarium tanks were only maintained by aquarists with lots of experience, as it was quite a challenge to maintain the proper water parameters. Today, however, with new designs available, the smaller mini-reef aquariums are often the first tank a new hobbyist will set up.

Fishkeeping 101: Saltwater Basic Water Chemistry

Understanding the standard water parameters for a marine aquarium and how they can change in the aquarium will provide a great step in maintaining a healthy environment for the aquarium inhabitants. Knowledge of what to test for and how to correct conditions when readings are out of their natural range will be essential for success.