When Your Reptile Asks, “What’s for Dinner?”

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the base of almost any herbivore or omnivore diet, but presenting them with other options, such as commercially prepared foods, will help with variety. Sometimes, it is necessary to mix up the commercially prepared foods with fresh foods, or convert an animal over to commercially prepared foods over time. The important thing is to offer as much of a variety as possible and let your reptile choose what it would like to eat that day.

Types of Amphibians

The term “amphibian” derives from the Ancient Greek term amphibios, which translates to “both kinds of life,” since amphi means “of both kinds” and bio means “life.” While the term originally was used for all animals that could live on land or in water, it later was restricted to what we now call amphibians. These cold-blooded animals have four limbs, and they can only maintain their body temperatures at the level of their surroundings. There are three types (or orders) of amphibians: Anura, Caudata, and Gymnophiona.