When Your Reptile Asks, “What’s for Dinner?”

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the base of almost any herbivore or omnivore diet, but presenting them with other options, such as commercially prepared foods, will help with variety. Sometimes, it is necessary to mix up the commercially prepared foods with fresh foods, or convert an animal over to commercially prepared foods over time. The important thing is to offer as much of a variety as possible and let your reptile choose what it would like to eat that day.

Suggestions for Feeding Herbivore Reptiles

If you have an herbivorous reptile, feeding time can be quite a bit easier than feeding their carnivore counterparts, but it’s not without its own set of challenges from time to time. The feeding process is less gruesome, since you’re generally just making up small salads, but making sure everything is fresh and ready to go and is removed before attracting unwanted bugs can require some planning and practice.

Feeding Carnivore Reptiles

A variety of carnivores exist in the reptile and amphibian world, and the specific feeding of each animal will vary based on the size and age of the animal, as well as what the animal is used to eating. Several things in common to the feeding of each reptile are detailed here.