The Pond Scourge Called Algae

Despite the fact that it is a natural process, the growth of algae in the ornamental pond is something most pond keepers consider unacceptable. The majority of the algae fall into one of two types, free floating planktonic algae and filamentous algae. The only things either of these require to grow is sunlight, water and nutrition in the form of the fish wastes, nitrate, and phosphate. We can try to control the algae by providing competition in the form of ornamental plants for the available food source.

Barley Straw as Algae Control in the Pond

With the rise in popularity of ponds and water gardens came the demand for simple methods of pond algae control to prevent scum algae and stringy algae from taking over the pond. There are several chemical methods of control, but one of the more popular methods of control involves using Barley straw as a natural preventative. Long used in Europe, the Barley bales have become much more prevalent in the pond keeping hobby.

Pond Decor and Accent Tips for Formal Ponds and Water Gardens

Pond keepers usually fall into one of two different approaches to having a pond in the backyard. Those most interested in maintaining a pond for Koi want a sleek, functional design to accent the beauty of the fish and to allow easy viewing of the fish. This type of set up is usually referred to as a formal design. The second school of design is to set up a natural looking water garden pond, essentially a pool with lots of plants and a few fish for a splash of color.