Pond Decor and Accent Tips for Formal Ponds and Water Gardens

Pond keepers usually fall into one of two different approaches to having a pond in the backyard. Those most interested in maintaining a pond for Koi want a sleek, functional design to accent the beauty of the fish and to allow easy viewing of the fish. This type of set up is usually referred to as a formal design. The second school of design is to set up a natural looking water garden pond, essentially a pool with lots of plants and a few fish for a splash of color.

Start Your Pond Plant Planning Early

Although we are still in winter’s grip, spring will be here sooner than you think. Late January through February is a great time to start planning what pond plants you will add this year and where/how you will plant them. You need to keep in mind having plants that cover the surface, submerged plants, and bog (or marginal) plants. All three of these plant types have specific purpose.

The Benefits of Using Pond Decorations in the Water Garden

While most of the beauty of the pond is found in the colorful goldfish and koi, the use of the proper pond decorations can really accent the look and aesthetics of the pond. With formal-style ponds, the use of pond spitters can add a bit of whimsy along the edge of the pond and also provide aeration and water movement for the fish.

A Pond Plant Primer for Your New Water Garden

Planning what types and how to lay out the plants for your pond can be one of the more challenging tasks involved in your pond setup, but if done correctly, can be one of the most rewarding. First you must recognize what style of pond you wish to keep: koi pond, formal pond, informal pond, water garden, or natural pond, or bog pond.